A Big Mess
Season 2, Episode 14
Air date July 13, 2009
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A Big Mess is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Sea Princesses.


When Tentie returns home covered in dirty muck, Polvina and her friends go in search of what caused it.


Polvina finds Tentie covered in muck and asks him what happened. He shows her to the Golden Reef, which has been covered with muck as well. A turtle and crab are seen with muck all over them alongside other fish. Polvina heads up and sees a Drylander machine.

Polvina takes Ester and Tubarina to show them the Golden Reef before they go to where the machine is heading. She explains that the machine is sucking up silt to allow Drylander carriages to go in and out before presumably dumping it on the Golden Reef.

Polvina gets Tentie, the turtle and the crab show the Drylanders on the beach what the machine is doing. However, the Drylanders only run away, thinking that they are sea monsters.

Ester then suggests that they stop the machine themselves, even though Polvina states that it is wrong for them to do so. After somehow activating the machine (with Ester making herself look silly in the process), they intend to take it to the cave on Pelican Island, but they turn the wrong way and head for the beach. After turning on the klaxon to warn the Drylanders, who immediately run away from the beach, the machine crashes into it, spraying silt everywhere.

A couple of days later, the girls return to the Golden Reef to find that it is a lot cleaner. They go to where the machine is and see the Drylanders protesting against it. With the Golden Reef saved, the girls decide to take the credit for being heroes.