A Little Help
Season 2, Episode 13
Air date July 13, 2009
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A Little Help is the thirteenth episode of the second season of Sea Princesses.


The Sea Princesses meet a sweet old woman called Bonnie who could do with a helping hand...or fin.


Tubarina introduces Polvina and Ester to Squirt, a zebra shark who lost his family in a drift net. Despite his small size, he is very strong as he is able to drag the three girls along as he swims. While doing so, they accidentally hit Bonnie, an old woman who is tending to her garden. Bonnie is able to understand the shark language, but she can’t remember why. The girls say goodbye to her as they head off home.

The next day after school, the girls decide to visit Bonnie. She initially has trouble remembering them, but then she does. Bonnie shows the girls around her home, which she has been meaning to clean for ten years. She also tells them that she has two sons who are now living with their families in the Farlands. After they leave, Tubarina says that Bonnie can’t keep living by herself, to which Polvina and Ester disagree.

The day after that, having failed to find Tubarina at her home, Polvina and Ester are on their way to see Bonnie when they encounter her on the way. She tells them that she only wanted to go for a walk, but she got lost on the way. The two girls take Bonnie back to her home, where Tubarina and Squirt are there with the Shark King. Bonnie recognises the latter as “Cuddles”; she knew the Shark King since he was a baby and he got the nickname because he was always asking for cuddles. As such, Bonnie can understand sharks.

After seeing her home, the Shark King offers to show Bonnie a new home where she can be looked after and Tubarina agrees with him. Squirt, Polvina and Ester believe that she can still look after herself, so they decide to clean up Bonnie’s home to prove the Shark King wrong. Tubarina decides to help as well, despite knowing that their efforts are useless. Squirt proves his strength to everyone as he helps move things around.

The Shark King is shown everyone’s efforts the next morning, but he tells the girls that it can’t help Bonnie in the long run because Bonnie needs a little help every day and the girls can’t do that. He is about to take Bonnie to see her new home when Squirt pipes up and offers to stay with Bonnie so they can look after each other. The Shark King is impressed that the girls have outsmarted him again.