Season 1, Episode 15
Air date July 17, 2007
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Art is the fifteenth episode of the first season of Sea Princesses.


Tubarina is mortified when a very unflattering sculpture that Ester has made of her and Polvina is entered into the Salacian Art Competition. She convinces Polvina that they have to subvert the exhibition.


Polvina and Tubarina catch Ester sneaking around and follow her into the school’s art room, where she shows them a sculpture she made of the two, which she titles “Best Friends”. Ester intends to enter it in the school art show, out of request from Miss Marla. Tubarina leaves the art room with Polvina and tells her that they will be embarrassed if everyone sees the sculpture. With Polvina as an unwilling accomplice, Tubarina decides to take the sculpture and hide it, but Ester comes into the room, intending to take it to the art gallery.

On the way, Tubarina offers to help Ester carry the sculpture so she can stage “a little accident” and break it. Polvina is suddenly against the plan and in the ensuing conflict, the sculpture rolls over some rocks and lands near a thermal, preventing them from getting it back. Polvina and Tubarina confess their intentions and offer to help Ester get the sculpture back.

Ester gets some rope and the girls attempt to pull it, but it is stuck in the mud, causing the rope to snap. Tubarina then quickly heads off and finds a shark named Angel, who digs a path under the sand so she can get close to the sculpture and take it back.

Later at the art show, Polvina and Tubarina hide themselves for fear of embarrassment. When Ester unveils her sculpture, the two watch as Hugo, Marcello and Marli compliment it, contrary to their expectations. Ester tells Tubarina that she was the only person who thought her sculpture was embarrassing, to which she decides to take credit for giving Ester the idea of making the sculpture for fear of even more embarrassment.


  • Polvina is shown hiding her face behind a program at the art show. When she is holding it upside down, you can see that the front cover is on the right and the back cover is on the left. When Polvina turns it the right way round at 9:40, the covers are briefly shown reversed, as if the pages were read from right to left, but straight after, they return to their previous positions, albeit the right way round as if the pages were read from left to right.