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Yeonchi Yeonchi 24 December 2020

Christmas Update 2020

Merry Christmas everyone! This Christmas update will be my final blog post on this wiki because for the most part, I've covered everything I can cover for this series. Besides, barely anyone reads these blogs, so I don't think they'll be missed that much. If I have any unimportant updates, I'll probably just put them on Facebook or Tumblr.

I know I've said this once every Christmas update, but it's really amazing to see how far we've come over the past five years. When I joined the wiki in 2016, Sea Princesses was being rerun on ABC3 for the final time, with only one episode (The Big Game) available on YouTube. The next few years have been covered in last year's Christmas update, so I won't repeat them here.

This year, in 2020, the coronavir…

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 28 September 2020

Sea Princesses books now available!

I finally did it. I scanned, translated and reviewed all ten Princesas do Mar books and created pages for them on the wiki. With this, all canon material for the series has been covered and the hype train has reached the terminus.

You know, it's funny; over the past four years, I've tried to spread the word and ask for help getting the episodes and books of this series, but in the end, I ended up doing all the work. I guess in the end, if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.

The scans, transcripts and translations for the books are available in my second cloud drive folder, while the reviews are available on my Tumblr. My reviews for the animated series are available on Tumblr as well as my other cloud drive folder, where the…

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 13 July 2020

Second Coronavirus Update 2020

It wasn't going to be over as soon as we thought, was it? Oh well, at least I've got a few things to share. Did I mention that the hype train is now at 1000%?

Things have changed since I made the first coronavirus update back in April. At that time, I was just starting to repost my episode reviews on Tumblr for content. Since the lockdown meant that my original objective would now be (somewhat) infeasible, I decided to cave again and buy the ten Princesas do Mar books I've been planning on translating for some years now. In other words, I decided to take a shortcut to get the hype train to 1000% because it was the only way if I didn't want to wait any longer.

Reasons for impulse buying aside, I later realised that it would be better to finis…

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 4 April 2020

Coronavirus Update 2020

If you clicked on this blog post thinking that this would be a legit coronavirus update, then you've been bamboozled, because this was a clickbait title and I couldn't think of anything better.

Anyway, the coronavirus has set things back a bit for me, particularly in regards to the Princesas do Mar book translation project. I should have seen this coming because now, I'm unable to find work to raise the money I need to buy the books. On top of that, the falling Australian dollar has made the books a bit more expensive than I had anticipated and due to international travel being limited, I don't know if there'll be any delays in shipping. As such, for the time being, the hype train has been forced to stop before it could even start. I'll kee…

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 24 December 2019

Christmas Update 2019

Merry Christmas everyone! I wasn't going to write this after the June blog post in which I said that Sea Princesses was saved, but because I'm a bit OCD, I figured that I should.

How far have we come over the years? In 2016, Sea Princesses abruptly stopped airing on ABC Me and I had only managed to salvage a few episodes (there was a guy who said that he salvaged some more, but he didn't tell me about it until a couple of months ago). In 2017, the 4chan subber was releasing subbed episodes from the Spanish Disney Channel raws, but he gave up after four episodes. Endemol Shine putting copyright strikes on some videos didn't help either, but I had managed to salvage all of the Disney Channel raws before some of them were blocked.

2018 saw a bi…

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 18 October 2019

Now on KimCartoon and the most amazing fanart

I've got two bits of news to share with you all today.

Firstly, I just discovered that the entire Sea Princesses series has been uploaded to KimCartoon this week. Finally, someone wised up and realised that the series was missing from that site all this time. They didn't use the versions from my cloud drive folder because there are two stories to an episode (like they are packaged on Amazon Prime), but I'll keep those up in case anyone wants to download them easily.

Secondly, I want to share some amazing fanart with you. I had no intention of doing so on this wiki because fanart is not allowed on here (a common rule of wikis), but since this is a blog and I'm sharing the other news as well, it should be alright. Good Sea Princesses fanart is…

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 12 June 2019

The end of the road (for now)

It's taken nearly three-and-a-half years, but today, I can finally say this - as Woz would say, Rejoice! Sea Princesses has finally been saved. Even though it may not be airing on our TV screens anymore, its place in our childhood memories and future generations has been secured. All 104 English and Spanish episodes have been uploaded to the cloud drive folder in MP4 format, along with the transcripts for the English version, a title translation guide and both versions of my series review.

The English and Spanish raw files were originally in MKV (from Amazon) and WEBM (from YouTube) formats; they were split and converted to MP4 for device compatibility and to conserve space in my cloud drive. The English episodes from Season 2 Episode 17 (Th…

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 12 May 2019

Not as disgusting as you thought

Before I go onto the main topic of this blog post, I've got a few updates I'd like to share.

As you all know, the Mr Bean and Friends channel has stopped posting episodes of Sea Princesses since the end of October last year. As I said in the last blog post, I downloaded the remaining episodes and used them to complete the respective transcripts and plots. The episodes will be uploaded onto the cloud drive folder with the transcripts and the final version of my series review sometime soon. At the same time, the transcripts and plots for the remaining episodes will also be posted on this wiki gradually.

Since it is Mother's Day at the time of writing, I'd just like to say that I've made a few corrections to the translations of the online short…

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 21 April 2019

The Push of Sacrifice

As of the writing of this blog post, it has been six months since the Mr Bean and Friends channel stopped uploading episodes of Sea Princesses and it has been a while since they stopped doing livestream loops of the episodes. I started being conflicted over whether I should wait for them to post again or download the raw files myself, so at the end of last month, I caved and shelled out the money for a short-time premium account to do the latter (it wasn't that much, by the way, plus if I did it the free way, I'd probably be still downloading the episodes right now).

Now that I had all the raw episodes, I was conflicted between whether I should upload all the raw episodes or not. I would tell people to go on Amazon Prime and support the off…

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 21 March 2019

Revelations and current progress

A couple of weeks ago, I finished transcribing and writing the plots for all episodes of Sea Princesses up to Season 2 Episode 16 (The Mural). We are still waiting for the Mr Bean and Friends channel to continue posting, but if last year’s patterns are any indication, our wait will hopefully be over.

I started writing the transcripts from the end of January to the start of March and honestly, it’s amazing how much progress I made in that time. On average, transcribing an 11-minute-or-so episode takes me around an hour. I usually transcribed about two episodes a day, but sometimes I would do more so that I could either take a break for a day or even reduce the work I had to do. Once I’ve done the transcript, I can basically write the plot fr…

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 5 February 2019

Taking the next step

Three years ago today, I joined Wikia and made my first contribution to this wiki by making a page on the Drylander boy from The Boy, one of the more underrated charcters of the series. I joined this wiki because admin Liggliluff did a great job starting it off and I could tell that he was serious about it, unlike other wikis about niche and obscured children's TV shows. I don't want to let his efforts go to waste while making my own mark on the wiki, so this year, I'm taking the next step towards expanding the wiki.

When I rejoined the wiki in June last year as an admin, I outlined a few objectives for this wiki. This week, I've started to work on the episode transcripts and plots. Before this year, Liggliluff only wrote a transcript for T…

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 24 December 2018

Christmas Update 2018

Merry Christmas everyone! Time for another Christmas update!

Like I said in my last blog post, we haven't had any more episodes posted on the Mr Bean and Friends YouTube channel past Season 2 Episode 16 (The Mural). This time last year, we barely had any English dubbed episodes, but now, we have recovered over half of these episodes, with the remainder still yet to be made free to view. In addition to this, I've translated a couple of short stories from the official Princesas do Mar website, with one of them being relevant to Christmas and the other more relevant for Mother's Day.

Translating those stories has ignited my interest in translating the Princesas do Mar books, which are only available in Brazil. I've seen a few page snapshots her…

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 30 November 2018

An Unexpected Hiatus

At the time of writing, the Mr Bean and Friends YouTube channel has uploaded up to Episode 16 of Season 2 (The Mural). In the four weeks after that, they have been doing constant livestreams of the episodes they have already posted, then in the two weeks after that, there has been no activity on the channel whatsoever.

While the channel would post on schedules that differ at times, their posting pattern has always been the same; four episodes on Thursday to Sunday, followed by a combined compilation of the episodes on Monday. They uploaded on alternating weeks for the first eight episodes of Season 1, then they continuously posted the remaining episodes of that series though they switched to posting another cartoon series just before they p…

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 18 September 2018

Some inspirational words from Fábio Yabu's Instagram

I'm on break right now (again) to focus on some personal things, but also because the Mr Bean and Friends YouTube channel is taking a break from uploading Sea Princesses episodes until he decides to start on Series 2, which should hopefully be in the next month or two if my calculations are right. In the meantime, I found this post on Fábio Yabu's Instagram which he posted this year for #Mermay, one of those themed months where the theme happens to be on mermaids in May. After reading (and translating) his inspirational story on his post, I thought I would share it with you for a little bit of filler to bide through this break (I hope he doesn't mind me posting this here).

I don't know if this is worth the hashtag #Mermay, but here is a dra…
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Yeonchi Yeonchi 20 August 2018

All Series 1 episodes now available on YouTube!

As of 19 August 2018, all episodes of Sea Princesses Series 1 are now available on the Mr Bean and Friends YouTube channel. Additionally, the videos have also been backed up to my cloud drive folder along with the Spanish Disney Channel raws; I'm not taking any chances and making the same mistakes I did two years ago.

Right now, I'm waiting for the channel to begin posting Series 2. With any luck, we'll probably have most of the episodes, if not all, by the end of the year.

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 8 July 2018

Exclusive - New Short Stories Available!

Surprise! Bet you never saw this coming! Yes, that's right, two Sea Princesses short stories have been translated (by yours truly) and are available on this wiki. They are namely Isa's Gift (O Presente de Isa) and Mothers and Daughters (Mães e Filhas). The former story focuses on Isa's Santa hat and why she always wears it on her crown, while the latter is about Polvina and her mother - you'll have to read it to find out what happens!

To say that these stories were previously undiscovered would be inaccurate, because as far as I know, they have been online for as long as the old Flash site has. Frankly, it's a miracle that they haven't been taken down when the Flash site was replaced or when the official site was discontinued.

Translating th…

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 12 June 2018

Sea Princesses is back! (New rules and objectives)

This is truly a glorious day. In case you haven't heard already, Sea Princesses is back on the Internet! Since I'll be going into a bit of a ramble about what happened during my hiatus and the events leading up to it, I'm going to get the tl;dr over and done with first.

tl;dr: Both seasons of Sea Princesses (English dub) are now available on Amazon Prime. Episodes are also available on the Mr Bean and Friends YouTube channel with backups hosted in my cloud drive folder.

When I joined this wiki in February 2016, Sea Princesses was being rerun on ABC3 in Australia. My main contribution to the wiki during this time was expanding the character articles and adding images of the minor characters and animal characters. At the time, I sourced my epi…

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 24 December 2017

Christmas Update 2017

Merry Christmas everyone! I've got a quick update for you all!

Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything new in relation to this series or the wiki over the past year, including information on any reruns, fansubs or YouTube reposts. This means that right now, Sea Princesses is still a lost series.

As a result of the lack of information, I've been unable to update this wiki, meaning that I've had to go on hiatus since September this year. I don't intend on returning until I have enough episodes (whether English dubbed or subtitled) to make significant changes on this wiki, so I've unsubscribed from Wikia's email updates for the time being.

In addition to this, I've noticed that some pages on this wiki have been vandalised by people who think the…

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 20 September 2017

Over a year without episodes/Assumptions

Hello again!

Well, it's been a year since Sea Princesses ended on ABC Me. Apart from the four episodes I have, I haven't been able to find any more dubbed episodes, which is really causing me a lot of frustration. Right now, Sally Bollywood is being rerun right now and that wiki has managed to have more detail in it than this one.

I've been taking advantage of this "hiatus" to go through some personal stuff, so I haven't been following up with the fansub project . Then again, I haven't had any applications as of yet because I didn't make my posts on Facebook yet, so I guess I'll take it easy for now. The main priority for me on this wiki is to get more episodes of the English dubbed series, or get my fansub project underway. Only then can I …

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 5 August 2017

Sea Princesses is now on the Lost Media Archive!

Hey everyone, just a quick update from me today.

So recently, I became aware of the Lost Media Archive and seeing that Sea Princesses was on their requested articles list, I decided to create the article and recount the history of the mystery 4chan subber and the Z U C C I N G of Sea Princesses on YouTube.

You can find the article here:

Also, just a quick reminder that I'm still looking for interested individuals to help me with the subtitling of the series . Once again, if you are interested, please feel free to contact me via my Facebook page .

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 12 June 2017

I want to start a sub group

Hello again! It's me.

I'll be blunt. Ever since Sea Princesses got Z U C C E D on YouTube , I've been thinking of subbing the series myself. However, unlike the mystery 4chan subber, I can't do it alone. The raws I have don't have subtitles so they need to be timed, and I don't know a lot of Spanish, so I can't really do a lot about that. However, I would be more than happy to help with typesetting and encoding.

Basically, for this group, I will be needing translators, timers and the like - basically the roles you can find in any fansub group. I don't want to hire just one because of efficiency reasons, so I will be needing backup and understudy roles as well. Translators will need to be fluent in both Spanish and English, obviously. Experie…

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 21 March 2017

Sea Princesses Z U C C E D on YouTube

Bad news, everyone. Remember when I was all excited about the mystery 4chan subber on YouTube? Turns out his videos got copyrighted by Endemol Shine (the company who owns the rights to Sea Princesses, formerly Southern Star Endemol).

Obviously, this is bad news for Sea Princesses fans who have been looking for episodes in English. First, there is literally only one episode of the English dub on YouTube and even that got Z U C C E D . Secondly, the mystery subber only got up to four episodes of the first season before he got the Z U C C as well. He never even made it to the important episodes, which I desperately need to complete the character articles of the wiki.

Even some episodes of the Hungarian dub got copyrighted as well. At this rate,…

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 24 February 2017

Good News and Salvation!

Right, so I've been praying and complaining over the past few months for the ABC (in Australia) to broadcast Sea Princesses again. So far, there hasn't been any signs of this happening, but recently, I discovered a couple of things that I think will interest you all.

Firstly, a couple more episodes of Sea Princesses have been uploaded to YouTube with English voices. However, they are just the two episodes that I have also managed to salvage off iView (The Runaway Grandmother and Size Matters).

However, this second piece of news is even more exciting than the first one. An unknown user has managed to download the Spanish-dubbed episodes and reupload them back to YouTube with English subtitles. At the time of writing, the user has only uploade…

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 20 January 2017

How are you, 2017?

I'm pretty sure no one ever reads these blogs, but if you are, I hope that you can help us with this wiki. I have a list of priority episodes on this blog post that contain new character details to be added. If you can help with those episodes, please contact me as I would really appreciate your help.

Now, I'd like to tell you that I'm an absolute idiot. A couple of months ago, after Sea Princesses ended on ABC Me, I discovered a program I could use to download episodes from their catchup service. If I had discovered that program right at the start of last year when I started on this wiki, I would probably have made a bigger contribution to it, particularly with the transcripts (as there were links to them on the episode list).

Regardless, I…

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 29 September 2016

Help Wanted!

Hey there! It's me again.

So as of 1 October 2016, Sea Princesses has stopped broadcasting on ABC ME (formerly ABC3) in Australia. However, this doesn't mean that the ABC won't broadcast it again.

Anyway, during the time that Sea Princesses was broadcast, I've tried my best to watch every episode and create pages for any missing characters. I must say, I'm proud of what I've done to improve the page so far, even if I've just worked on the character pages.

However, as much as I've tried, I still cannot find any good-quality Sea Princesses episodes in English. The nearest thing I can find is 360p episodes from the Disney Channel in Spain, which you can see in the following YouTube playlists:

Season 1:…

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Yeonchi Yeonchi 5 February 2016

Pictures and more info required!

I'm Yeonchi, and I believe that this wiki could do with a few more pictures and a bit more info.

Currently (as of Feburary 1, 2016), Sea Princesses is broadcasting on ABC3 in Australia, so maybe contributors could screenshot some characters from the iView catch-up service.

There are also Spanish and Portugese versions of this cartoon on YouTube. Screenshots could also be taken from there.

I'm going to do the best I can to cover every character in the series, although I can't guarantee that I will be able to do them all since I am very busy at the moment.

Hope to hear from you all!

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