Camarina is the Shrimp Princess. While she loves to play with her little friends, she also loves to play with the Clownfish Princesses, Juli and Jessi, in the Anemone Kingdom. She can summon and command groups of shrimps with a high-pitched call.

In Size Matters, Camarina takes Polvina, Ester and Tubarina to where some shrimps saw a "monster" which was "shiny with a huge bright eye". Tubarina does not believe this until she actually sees the monster, which appears to be an observatory submarine controlled by Drylanders. When the submarine heads towards the school, Tubarina is confident that the special paint the Starfish King invented will render it invisible to outsiders, but Polvina and Ester show Tubarina and the shrimps that the paint wasn't put on properly and that they will have to repaint it immediately. When the shrimps offer to help them, Tubarina hurts their feelings by making fun of them being small, but Ester and Polvina tell them that they will find something for them to do. When Leia and their friends arrive on whales, Tubarina hurts Camarina's feelings by pointing out the effectiveness of whales due to their size.

Later, when the princes and princesses are repainting the school, they run out of paint and when the three ask the Starfish King for it, he tells them that they don't have any more of the special sand required for the paint to work. Therefore, they decide to help look for the sand as well with the help of Camarina and her friends. When Leia and the whales fail to catch the attention of the Drylanders, Camarina has another group of shrimp block the sight of the submarine to stall them. Right at that moment, the shrimps find the sand, but when Tubarina realises that they cannot get it themselves, Camarina has her friends take the sand to the school "a grain at a time". The shrimps also summon Leia and the others back to the school, with a large group of shrimp seemingly carrying eight of them there as well. Impressed at the sight, Tubarina promises not to say another bad word about shrimp again.

The princes and princesses successfully repaint the school, but when the submarine approaches, everyone gets inside and Camarina calls her friends off to test the paint's effectiveness. The test is successful when the submarine's light reflects off of the school, rendering it invisible to them.

Camarina is 7 years old and has the sign of Capricorn (♑).