Caramelo is the Sea Snail Prince, a studious boy who wears glasses and uses complicated words.

In his only major appearance in The Pirates, Caramelo is inspired by one of Polvina, Ester and Tubarina's (exaggerated) stories and longs to go on an adventure himself. After getting impatient in waiting for the three girls to go on an adventure, Caramelo decides to search for one himself, much to their shock and concern. While searching for an adventure, Caramelo encounters a Drylander vessel, which is actually a decorated pirate ship, where he finds a group of children in danger from attacking pirates. Caramelo climbs onto the vessel and disguises himself as a pirate before trapping the pirate "oppressors" and tying them up.

Caramelo believed that he saved the children until the three girls tell him that the pirate ship is actually a dress-up party, much to his disappointment. However, when they find the ship on course for some rocks with no adults to control the boat, they quickly work to turn the boat around and keep the children safe. On instructions from Ester, Caramelo climbs to the top of the sail and unties it, realising the dangers of the girls' adventures in the process.

Once the four successfully turn the vessel around to safety, they farewell the children, free the trapped "pirates" and return to Salacia, with the children believing that the recent events that transpired were part of the party. Caramelo, realising his foolishness, tells the girls that he has had enough of adventures, saying that while adventures are "stimulating, challenging and thrilling", they can also be a bit scary and he would much prefer studying in the library.


Caramelo has also appeared as a background character in episodes such as Lunch Power and The Mural. In those appearances, he is shown clothed with light green hair and square glasses instead of teal hair and round glasses.

Voice actorsEdit

Jamie Croft (English)
Eduardo Vignolo (Brazillian Portuguese)