Ester's Fear
Season 1, Episode 52
Air date November 17, 2007
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Ester's Fear is the fifty-second and final episode of the first season of Sea Princesses.


The girls are preparing for a shellsled race against the boys, but Ester decides she doesn't want to practice anymore. Is Ester actually frightened of something?


Polvina, Ester and Tubarina are practicing for a shellsled race against Marcello, Hugo and Sirilo. As the girls pass the boys, who realise that they will be too fast for them, Marcello suggests that they cheat instead of taking on Hugo’s suggestion of redesigning their sled, claiming that they don’t have the time to do so. Ester decides to try out a special move, which is to make the sled spin so fast that it goes even faster, but she loses control and crashes. After the girls fix the sled, Ester suggests that they test the sled to make sure it is safe, but when they get it up to the cliff, she suddenly decides that they don’t need a test run.

Ester is hiding in her room when Polvina and Tubarina are looking for her. After having no luck in finding her, they realise that they will have to forfeit and the boys will win without a race. It is then that Ester reappears, insisting that they cannot let it happen. They try getting Ester to talk about her problem; she reveals that she is afraid of riding the sled again. Polvina and Tubarina remind Ester of the times when they helped conquer their fears, but Ester insists that it is the way she feels now. When Ester realises that Marcello will never hear the end of it if he wins and does his victory dance, Polvina offers to steer the sled instead of her.

Just before the race, Marcello puts in sandbags at the front of the boys’ sled to give them more speed. The girls arrive and Tentie starts the race. The boys initially lead, but when Ester realises the horror of having to see Marcello do his victory dance, she asks Polvina to stop so she can steer the sled instead. Ester makes the sled spin again and they take back the lead from the boys. Ester then goes through the tunnel, slowing down the sled before releasing the parachute and landing safely, winning the race while the boys continue speeding past them. Marcello releases the parachute, but it gets blown off the sled because it is going to fast for it to be able to slow down. The boys land in a pit of mud, where they agree not to cheat again.

After the race, Polvina admits to Ester that she went slow on purpose so that she would take over, since she and Tubarina knew that her fear of the boys winning would be worse than her fear of riding the sled; therefore, one fear conquered the other.