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Felipe is a shark who appeared in A Shadow in the Water.

Character history

Felipe had been caught up in some black goop caused by a leak in an oil tanker. He was being cared for by the Drylanders when an accident caused him to fall back into the sea, leading to a diver having to go retrieve him. Felipe encountered Tubarina and explained his situation to her, who relayed it over to Polvina, Ester and Maurico. When they and Mr Lorenzo became convinced that the diver meant no harm to Felipe, Mr Lorenzo offers to accompany him back to Dryland with the diver.

Mr Lorenzo stayed with Felipe as he was being cared for by the Drylanders. When the time came for them to return to the ocean, Mr Lorenzo decided to stay on Dryland and asked Felipe to take a message to Polvina, Ester, Tubarina and Maurico.