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An unnamed girl was speculated to be a descendant of the lost Barracuda Royal Family in The New Princess.

Character history

The girl and her mother

Polvina, Ester and Tubarina notice the barracuda being happy around the girl, which was a strange sight to them considering that barracuda are usually grumpy. They report this sight to the Shark King and Queen, who laugh it off before speculating if the legend was true about the Barracuda Princess falling in love with a Drylander and leaving Salacia, leading to the disappearance of the Barracuda Royal Family.

The three princesses manage to track down the girl the next day to an island where she and her mother are working as scientists. With Polvina bringing her book on the ancient Barracuda Kingdom with her, she leaves a message in the sand as a test to see if the girl and her mother are related to the Barracuda Royal Family - "Hello" in the ancient barracuda language. The girl and her mother see the message recognise the writing in the sand as the same writing that was on a golden bracelet they found, which likely belonged to the Barracuda Royal Family. They are unable to investigate any further when the girl comes back towards them, forcing them to return to Salacia, with Polvina accidentally leaving the book on the island in the process. The princesses speculate if the golden bracelet was handed down through the girl's family or if she just found it in the sea.

The next day, the three princesses return to the island only they discover that the girl and her mother have left, leaving Polvina's book on a rock. They discover that she may know about the princesses' existence as she left a message in the sand - "Goodbye, friends" in the ancient barracuda language - but they are left with more questions than answers, leaving the mystery as to whether the girl is a descendant of the Barracuda Royal Family unsolved.