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Gummy is Tubarina's pet shark.

Character highlights

In A Weighty Problem, Gummy is found to be overweight when he gets stuck in the trap door at the back of the Shark Palace. The Shark King gives Tubarina until the end of the week to show some improvement in his weight, otherwise he will have to go back to his friends in the sea. Through Delfi, the girls enlist the help of Ping and Patchy to help him get some exercise. Gummy swims with the two dolphins for a while, but when he discovers that they have been caught in a Drylander drift net, he heads back to find help. Upon returning, Gummy goes up to stop the Drylanders who have come for the net, only to be captured himself. He is rescued when Ping and Patchy, having been freed from the drift net, summon their pod and force the Drylanders to cut the net off their side carriage to prevent it from sinking before Ping and Patchy help get Gummy out of the net. For the rest of the week, Gummy helps the princesses take down the drift net and when he is weighed again at the end of the week, they find that he has lost a lot of weight.

In Marcello's Friend, Gummy is falsely accused of making a mess in the Shark Palace until Marcello sees Snick and his siblings in the ballroom. When Marcello fails to get them to leave, Gummy gives the girls the idea to have Marcello dress up as his father, the Hammerhead King, and it works.