Season 1, Episode 12
Air date July 3, 2007
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Homeless is the twelfth episode of the first season of Sea Princesses.


Polvina's family are forced to move out when a mass of crabs swarm the palace. Polvina's excited because it means she can take turns staying with her friends.


Polvina is rearranging her room to make it look better, lamenting that her room is boring, unlike Ester’s or Tubarina’s. It is then that a mass of crabs on a migration swarm the Octopus Palace for a rest, forcing her and her family to move out. Polvina gets Sirilo to hopefully get them to move on, but he tells her that they will move when they feel like it, which could be a very long time. Polvina’s family intends to stay at her aunt’s place, but Ester and Tubarina offer to have Polvina stay with them.

Though things go smoothly for Polvina at first, they end up not going the way they expected. At the Starfish Palace, Polvina wants to read her book, but Ester is insistent on playing with her, having a list of things that she wants to do with her. At the Shark Palace, Tubarina allows Polvina to read, but she disturbs her with her humming, talking and snoring. On top of that, Gummy gets territorial towards Polvina because he doesn’t know her as someone who stays at the palace.

Polvina snaps after days of this arrangement and decides to get Sirilo again, only for him to tell her that the crabs like it at the palace, they never want to leave. Initially frustrated, Polvina tricks the crabs into leaving by telling them that a colony of seals are coming to stay on the rocks nearby. Scared, the crabs decide to leave, with Sirilo going after them.

The next day at school, Polvina tells Ester and Tubarina that she didn’t like living with them, saying that it is sometimes hard to live with friends. In return, they state that living with Polvina was the worst, since she sleepwalks and sleepeats.

Now back in her own room, Polvina appreciates how lucky she is to have her own room, even if it isn’t as cool as the others. She finds a crab under her pillow and sends it going back to its friends.