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Juli (also spelt Julie) is one of the Clownfish Princesses, with the other being her twin sister, Jessi.

In one view, Juli is more clumsy and playful, unlike Jessi. In another view, Juli and Jessi are the stereotypical definition of twins; they feel the same things as each other, they do the same things as each other and they repeat or complete each others' sentences. Sometimes they argue over silly things, but they love each other very much and take care of each other.

Character highlights

In The Gift, Marcello manages to have Juli and Jessi give him their homework notes after he gives them some clownfish gifts. Later, the girls discover that Hugo actually made the gifts and so, they replace the gifts with uglier imitations after they fail to convince Juli and Jessi to stop helping Marcello with his homework. Juli and Jessi discover this and learn the truth alongside the others who Marcello gave gifts to.

In The Twins, Juli and Jessi are shown to be yearly participants and winners of the Salacian Flower Show. When Tubarina decides to enter the show on her father’s suggestion, she notices the twins’ synchronisation and decides to make them argue so she can win the show. After failing to point out that their synchronisation makes them look creepy, Tubarina decides to spread rumours around, saying that one twin doesn’t need the other. Sure enough, just as Juli and Jessi begin arguing, Tubarina realises that her father only wanted her to participate in the show, so she goes to stop the twins from fighting. Seeing that Juli and Jessi are attempting to throw sea slugs on each others’ flowers, Tubarina stops them by throwing her best flower in. After Tubarina explains everything, Juli and Jessi realise that while they did have a fight, they felt exactly the same and did the same things, meaning that even if they fight, they are still as together as they are when they are not fighting.


  • Juli's voice actor is different in her Season 2 appearances.
  • Juli is usually shown with Jessi during her appearances in the series, but in episodes such as Lost and The Head Top where Juli alone has minor spoken apperances, Jessi is not shown with her.