Leia is the Whale Princess and Naimo's sister. Leia is simply in love with whales and loves to swim with them for miles. As the Whale Princess, she has two difficult missions - firstly, to protect her kingdom from Drylander hunters and secondly, to teach her friends to swim away from beaches, where they often end up beached. To do this, she often acts as a stewardess, teaching the whales safety procedures before they swim out into the ocean.

In The Boy, Leia enlists Tubarina, Ester and Polvina to help her move a young beached whale. When a Drylander boy sees the whale and goes to help it, the four disguise themselves with seaweed to help him keep the whale wet. When three more whales approach them, Leia tells them to stop but to no avail. The boy manages to get them to stop before helping the girls push the whale off the beach. When the three whales get closer, Polvina gets the idea to have the whales help them by tying some kelp to make a rope so they can pull the young whale off the beach.

In Shooting Star, the girls and Elektra seek her help to move a fallen star, which is actually a Dryland satellite. With her friend Puck, they manage to pull it away, but the satellite hits a reef, causing it to fall again.

Leia is 7 years old and has the sign of Taurus (♉).

Voice actors Edit

Jacqui Lofgren (English)
Jullie (Brazilian Portuguese)