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Marcela is the Hammerhead Shark Princess and cousin to Tubarina, the Shark Princess, in the Princesas do Mar books. Although she loves to eat as much as her cousin, she always maintains good manners at mealtimes and unlike Tubarina, does not eat too many sweet and salty foods.

Marcela is a polite, intelligent, calm and religious girl who loves to read stories and always prays to the goddess Salacia before sleeping or eating.

While Marcela is introduced in the official sources, her only appearance in the books is as a background character in The World of Salacia.

Marcela's counterpart in the animated series is Marcello, a competitive boy who likes to tease girls, especially Tubarina and her friends, and cause trouble compared to his book counterpart, who is polite and religious.


  • Though she does not appear in the series herself, Marcela's character is seemingly paid homage to through a picture of the Hammerhead Queen in Marcello's Friend, where she is shown with green hair like Marcela.