Naimo is the Whale Queen's son and Leia's baby brother.

He appears in two episodes, namely being The Babysitters and The Surprise Party .

  • In "The Babysitters", Ester and Marli are hired by the Whale Queen to babysit Naimo. He disappears while looking for his lost whale toy Cici, thus Ester and Marli have to team up to find him and the toy.
  • In "The Surprise Party", Tubarina is babysitting him. Naimo sees a whale and follows it towards Dryland, where he then plays with a baby on the beach, (the same that appears on The Rescue). Tubarina finds Naimo and they return to the Whale Palace, with the Whale Queen not noticing that they left.

Trivia Edit

In the English and Castilian Spanish dubs Naimo's name is pronounced "Namio".