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The Salmon Queen is the queen of the Salmon Kingdom. She and her daughter, the Salmon Princess, are featured in The Doll.

Character history

The Salmon Queen is shown picking up her daughter from kindergarten, the latter having been given Tubarina's former doll, Bebe, by the Swordfish Queen. Tubarina, distraught after being pressured by Marli into giving Bebe away, follows them home and steals Bebe back. The Salmon Princess becomes upset at the loss of Bebe until Tubarina, having a crisis of conscience, returns and gives Bebe back to her for good.


  • The Salmon Queen and Princess are the only royal characters to be shown onscreen in one episode and have no background appearances in other episodes.
  • Caton, who is featured in The Crush, has a similar character design to the Salmon Queen and Princess, but it is unknown whether he has any relation to them.