Sea Princesses Wiki

In accordance with the new Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy that will go into effect from 1 April 2021, I am required to put up a list of rules for this wiki and in short, they are as follows:

  • Do not add false information to this wiki.
  • Do not engage in spamming or excessive self-promotion.
  • Do not harass or slander other users.

Here are my explanations for each rule:

Do not add false information to this wiki.

Sea Princesses is a niche cartoon, meaning that it isn't very popular around the world. No English (or Spanish) websites were made for the series and any official websites in Portuguese are only available via the Wayback Machine (the old Flash site is inaccessible as well due to the discontinuation of Adobe Flash). As such, there is a high chance of false or misleading information being added to this wiki.

All information added to the wiki needs to be backed up with official sources where possible, namely the books or the animated series because they're the only things left. All character information from the official sources has already been added to the wiki already, but I have saved screenshots from the original sites in my cloud drive folder.

I am aware that there is speculated information on some articles, particularly in regards to characters whose name or kingdom is never stated in the series. This is not false information because I have stated that it is speculation or placeholder names that I have included for the sake of completeness. If the author, Fábio Yabu, wants to provide his official answer to these speculations, then he can do so at any time, but for now, I'm not going to reach out to him on purpose (unless there is a significant amount of interest for it).

On that note, if anyone wants to ask Yabu a question that you would like answered on this wiki, please leave it on my talk page or send it to me on social media (links to my user page below).

Do not engage in spamming or excessive self-promotion.

The Sea Princesses Wiki is a wiki solely dedicated to discussing official content about Sea Princesses, including the books and animated series. If you want to share fanarts or links to your websites or social media accounts, please keep it to your user pages (comment sections are okay as well but that depends).

Please do not spam irrelevant information in the comments as they will be deleted at the discretion of the admins.

Unauthorised translations of the wiki on this wiki itself are not welcome as well. If you would like to create your own wiki (or website) to translate the information into your own language, you are very welcome to do so or ask the admins for assistance, but do not overwrite any information on this wiki as it is considered vandalism.

Do not harass or slander other users.

The main rule of Fandom is for users to be civil to other users, but there are times where some users can try my patience. In the past, I have had a troll call me a pedophile just for liking this series and working on this wiki. Such jokes and accusations are unacceptable and are not welcome on this wiki. It is for this reason that I no longer allow anonymous editing; all editors will be required to have a Fandom account in order to edit this wiki.

User pages are only to be edited by that particular user (or an admin in extreme circumstances). Any unauthorised edits to user pages will be considered as a breach of this rule.

On a similar note, please respect the decisions of admins and do not attack them as they have made their decisions in the best interest of this wiki.

Breaches of rules

On this wiki, breaches of the first two rules are considered minor offences, while breaches of the third rule are considered major offences. Enforcement of the rules is at the discretion of the admins, but the guidelines are as follows:

  • The first strike will result in a warning and/or a temporary block.
  • The second strike will result in a temporary block.
  • The third strike will result in a permanent block.

Major offences do not follow the three-strike rule; at most, two strikes will be given or a permanent block will be given on the first offence.

If you have been given a strike on your talk page, please do not remove it or it will count as a major offence.

While the rules may seem strict, they are there for the benefit of all users of this wiki. Please respect them and help keep this wiki free from false information and harassment.

Yeonchi (talk) 06:54, 25 March 2021 (UTC)