Season 1, Episode 25
Air date August 21, 2007
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Tubarina Almighty

Sharing is the twenty-fifth episode of the first season of Sea Princesses.


The Starfish King has a very special gift for the princesses and princes - an old hall that they may use for whatever they wish. Arguments arise between the children as they all have different, competing ideas.


The Starfish King shows Polvina, Ester, Tubarina and Marcello to an old hall, which the kings and queens have decided to give to the princes and princesses, as long as they can share it. In particular, Ester and Marcello want to use the hall for games while Tubarina wants to use it as a music studio. Ester decides that they should clean the hall up first before they do anything else. As the others leave, Polvina hears some eerie wailing and creaking noises from inside the hall.

After the four clean up the hall the next day, Polvina suggests that they work out a schedule for who will use the hall. Noticing a chair moving by itself and hearing more noises, the four run outside. Polvina and Ester do not believe that there could be ghosts in the building, while Tubarina and Marcello believe that there could be.

Ester and Marcello head back into the building first to confirm their suspicions. They see some chairs floating in the air and run out, realising that the building is haunted. Polvina and Tubarina head in as well, suspecting that the other two are trying to scare them away from the hall. Upon seeing more floating chairs, Polvina gets scared, but Tubarina tells her that it is how they want her to react, believing Spikey to be in on the trick as well. Ester and Marcello decide to head back, suspecting that the other two are setting up another trick.

The two pairs confront each other only to realise that neither group are behind the tricks. They attempt to evade more floating chairs when they fall into a trap door. It is then that they find an elephant fish, who shows the four to the rest of his school, who were actually behind the eerie noises and floating chairs. They realise that the old hall is their home and they decide to leave, knowing that they can’t use it anymore.