Shooting Star
Season 1, Episode 28
Air date August 28, 2007
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Shooting Star is the twenty-eighth episode of the first season of Sea Princesses.


The girls and their friend, Elektra, are stargazing one night when a star drops from the sky and into the ocean. When they find the fallen star, they are disappointed. It's not like they thought it would be.


Polvina, Ester, Tubarina and Elektra are stargazing with Zap and Spark. Just as Polvina is wondering about “star people”, a star is seemingly about to crash into them. The girls escape into the water while Elektra has Zap and Spark divert it.

The next morning, the girls head out again to find the fallen star. On the way, they notice that everyone near the star has been getting sick since last night. When they see the fallen star, still smoking from the crash, Polvina believes that the star is a carriage for “star people” and goes near it to greet whoever is inside, only for her to fall sick and faint as well. The girls take Polvina to the clinic, where she regains consciousness.

Ester takes Polvina back to the star and shows her some writing on it that indicates Dryland origin. Tubarina and Elektra return to the star, bringing Leia and Puck with them to help them move the star to Dryland. On the way, the star hits a reef and falls, causing Puck to get sick too. Leia takes Puck off to the clinic while the girls, along with Zap and Spark, work to keep the fish away from it. During this, they notice that Zap and Spark’s electric bolts have caused the star to move. Getting an idea, Elektra gathers some more electric eels and successfully moves the star to the surface so that it beaches on Dryland.

Later on, the girls go stargazing again. Polvina still wishes that she could see star people and the girls tell her that she should take them along when she does.


  • The "fallen star" in question is actually a satellite. Ester's comment about the star being from Dryland is an allusion to mankind's exploration and commercial use of space