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Socita is the Grouper Princess. She loves electronics, and as such, she likes watching TV, playing video games and listening to music. She is kind of quiet, especially compared to Ester, but deep down, she is a very sweet and special girl.

Her kingdom can be a mess because all groupers are born female and some of them turn into males when they reach adulthood. The big problem for her is to account for the confusion that this causes among the groupers, especially when going to the bathroom.

While Socita is introduced in the official sources, her only appearance in the books is as a background character in The World of Salacia.

Character history

In The Piano Lesson, Marcello starts taking piano lessons with Socita and falls in love with her, to the point where he has at least four lessons in one week. When he tells Tubarina about this and asks her what girls like in boys, she gives him some incorrect advice in the hope that she can show him that boys don’t understand girls. However, Marcello doubts this information and after telling Socita, Polvina and Ester about it, they decide to play the trick back on Tubarina by having Socita pretend that Marcello was awful to her and having Marcello pretend to run away. When they later reveal the trick to her, Tubarina apologises to Marcello and he goes off with Socita for another piano lesson.