Stage Fright
Season 1, Episode 18
Air date July 24, 2007
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Stage Fright is the eighteenth episode of the first season of Sea Princesses.


Ester and Tubarina can't find out what's troubling Polvina. Why does she suddenly fall ill every time they begin to rehearse for the school concert? Polvina faces the challenge of admitting to her problem.


Following Marcello and Hugo’s “good” performance, Polvina, Ester and Tubarina head on the stage to rehearse their flute performance. Polvina begins acting strangely upon seeing the audience, leaving the stage after telling her friends that she has a cough. Ester and Tubarina aren’t convinced and the next day, they ask Polvina what happened. The girls practice their flutes, but when the Starfish King comes in to listen, Polvina sees him and suddenly begins stuffing up, leading her to leave soon after.

Ester and Tubarina find Polvina playing on a cliff. They deduce that from her recent actions and reactions, Polvina has stage fright. They decide to say nothing to her about it, but instead work on an idea. At the final rehearsal that night, Ester and Tubarina indirectly suggest to Polvina that if she gets stage fright, then she can try moving around the stage instead of freezing up. Polvina takes their advice and it initially works, but she panics again and runs off. Soon after, Polvina admits to Ester and Polvina that she does have stage fright. The girls promise her that she will not get stage fright and that she has to attend the performance.

The next day, Ester and Polvina spend the day thinking up of an idea for Polvina to overcome her stage fright. A short performance by Spikey gives Ester an idea. That night, when the girls head on stage, Ester and Tubarina make fools of themselves on purpose so that Polvina won’t have to worry that anything she does will be worse than that. The girls’ flute performance goes well straight after. As thanks, Polvina agrees to give Marcello and Hugo music lessons.


  • During the main performance, many clones can be seen in the audience, particularly out of the spotlight at 10:02.

    All the budget to introduce these characters and they didn't give introductions for everyone...