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The Starfish Queen is the queen of the Starfish Kingdom, the daughter of the Starfish Grandmother and the mother of Ester.

Character highlights

In One Too Many, the Starfish Queen has enough of Ester continually taking creatures back home, causing chaos around the Starfish Palace and even some comedic moments with a turtle, Shellby, who always manages to get in her way. She confronts her daughter about this tells her that if she brings one more animal in, then they all have to leave. The Starfish Queen later discovers that Ester had brought back a baby shark and so, has them all sent away. She notices Shellby not looking well and takes him to the Turtle Palace, but she falls over while trying to lift him. Ester and the girls hear her calls for help and she calls all the creatures back to drag Shellby and the Starfish Queen off. As thanks, she allows Ester to have the creatures stay in the attic.

In The Itchy Wrists, the Starfish Queen forbids Ester from getting a skin picture (tattoo), but she gets one anyway from Vivi with a skin painting maker she found. Despite Ester’s attempts at hiding it, the Starfish Queen notices and eventually, she scrubs the skin picture off herself.