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Tata is the Turtle Princess, heir to the throne with her twin brother, Hugo. Having lived with the turtles since birth, she is one of the few Salacians who know about Dryland. Although nice and beautiful, Tata is also quiet and shy, which leads her to have a little difficulty making friends.

As the Turtle Princess, she has the mission of guiding her turtle friends as they lay their eggs on the beach, as they are often attacked by Drylanders or confused by the excess of lights emitted from buildings at night. Her crown also serves as her helmet as she loves riding seahorses, cycling and playing extreme sports, such as reef climbing, seaball and aquaboarding.

Character highlights

In Who's Who, Tata discovers that some Drylanders have been trapping turtles. Later, Tata becomes trapped herself as she is freeing a turtle from a trap. As the Drylanders come to collect the trap, Polvina, Ester and Tubarina, who responded to another turtle's plea, come to their aid and free them by using the hook from the carriage and a nearby rock to break the cage.

In The Brave Turtle, Tata evades the girls as she brings food to Tarrow, who is living in the sand dunes because he was afraid of the noisy Drylander carriages. With Ester’s help, Tarrow is given the confidence to go back into the sea, but he becomes too confident and attempts to destroy the carriage. When the carriage starts heading for the Drylanders and the girls fail to turn it around, Tarrow has the girls push him onto the wheel, successfully turning the carriage around. Upon returning to Salacia, Tata takes Tarrow off to find him a new home.

In The Matchmaker, the girls ask Tata if she can do something about two grumpy turtles preventing them from passing through the shortcut to school, but she says that there is nothing she can do. In an attempt to get the turtles together so they can stop being grumpy, the girls have Tata pretend to be in danger of being seen by a Drylander, which is actually Tubarina in a wetsuit, and have the turtles rescue her. However, just as Tubarina’s wetsuit gets tangled, two actual Drylanders are about to find Tata, so the turtles scare the Drylanders away and rescue Tata for real. The turtles have become friends and have decided to move on, but they ask the girls to leave them alone as they found them annoying.

In The Bite, the girls accompany Tata as she watches over a bale of turtles laying their eggs on a remote Dryland island. She warns Polvina not to get too close to a turtle just as it bites her on the hand. Six weeks later, the girls accompany Tata again as she watches the baby turtles hatching and going into the sea. They protect the baby turtles from a boar that has been lurking on the island, but Polvina manages to distract it, eventually causing the boar to be tangled up.

In the books

In A Shadow in the Water, Tata learns that Mrs Judith has been admitted into the infirmary after having swallowed some black goop and is insistent on seeing her despite the Turtle Queen's efforts to prevent her from doing so. The next day, Tata excuses herself from going to Sea Park with the rest of the class in order to stay with Mrs Judith. Upon returning to the Turtle Palace, Tata learns from her mother that Mrs Judith is in a stable condition. When Mrs Judith regains consciousness, she tells Tata and the Turtle Queen about the black goop.

In The Windy Letters, Tata's parents, on Miss Marla's recommendation, arrange for her to spend the weekend with Polvina, Ester and Tubarina in an effort to help her loosen up and make friends. The four of them head to an antiques fair, where they buy from an old man named Weasel a letter in a bottle that came from Dryland. Upon having the letter translated by Miss Marla, they learn about a poor Drylander girl named Windy who is wondering about what is under the sea.

Ester convinces the girls to go back to Weasel to buy more letters. After agreeing to meet Weasel again with his partner, Mr Chain, the girls find themselves kidnapped and taken off-road. Polvina gets the idea to use an oxygen tank to blow themselves out of the carriage. Before they do, Tata takes two more letters that were in the carriage, hiding one in her helmet and giving another one to Ester, which accidentally falls into the Abysmal Kingdom.

When the second letter they salvaged leaves them with more questions than answers, Tata goes with Polvina and Ester into the Abysmal Kingdom in an attempt to salvage the third letter. After being forced to separate when a school of abysmal fish close in on them, Tata is found and taken hostage by Mr Chain and Weasel, who had been hiding in the Abysmal Kingdom following the destruction of their carriage. Tata is rescued soon after thanks to Bia, the girls and Mr Gilson.

After having dinner with Bia in the Abysmal Palace, the girls learn that Bia had managed to salvage the third letter and pass it on to Miss Marla for them. The revelation of Windy's father being a turtle hunter suddenly causes Tata to become distraught and heartbroken, wishing that she had not bought the first letter. As the story of the letters spread through the kingdoms, Tata became quiet, listless and not willing to talk to her friends, making her parents worry if she would ever return to normal.

Later, Polvina and Ester are with Tata in the Turtle Palace upon learning about Tubarina's disappearance after school that day. Tubarina is brought in by a turtle named Mrs Constanza, who had attacked her after smelling on her the scents of Mr Chain and Weasel, who had been robbed of the three letters she had in her collection weeks earlier. Tubarina had managed to take the fourth letter and Miss Marla translates it to them, but not before having the girls promise not to look for any more letters. After learning that Windy's father had been convinced by some people to defend the turtles instead of hunting them, Tata became relieved and decided to "forgive" Windy.

In Mystery at the Sea School, Tata's homework is eaten by a sea snake, but Polvina manages to catch the culprit and reveal its true identity to the class as a mimic octopus.

In Turtles in Danger, Tata is visited by Olivia, an olive ridley sea turtle who had gotten lost from her friends as they were going to the beach to lay their eggs. As the two go to look for the turtles, Tata stops Olivia from eating a plastic bag. Realising something, Tata swims up, with Olivia following, and they see Olivia's friends choking on plastic bags, which they had mistakenly eaten thinking that they were seaweed. Tata asks Polvina, Ester and Tubarina for their help and together, they gathered up all the plastic bags that were floating around and took all the turtles to the Turtle Palace, where they were treated by Tata's parents and the doctors there.


  • Despite being written as twins, Tata is rarely seen interacting with Hugo in the series.