Tata is the Turtle Princess, heir to the throne with her twin brother, Hugo. Having lived with the turtles since birth, she is one of the few Salacians who know about Dryland.

As the Turtle Princess, she has the mission of guiding her turtle friends as they lay their eggs on the beach, as they are often attacked by Drylanders or confused by the excess of lights emitted from buildings at night. Her crown also serves as her helmet as she loves riding seahorses and cycling.

In Who's Who, Tata discovers that some Drylanders have been trapping turtles. As she is freeing a turtle from one of their traps, she becomes trapped as well. Responding to another turtle's plea, Polvina, Ester and Tubarina come to their aid and free them by using a hook and a nearby rock to break the cage.

Tata is 7 years old and has the zodiac of Cancer (♋).

Voice actorsEdit

Shannon Murphy (English)