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The Accident is the eighteenth episode of the second season of Sea Princesses.


When Polvina gets hurt helping Ester find gemstones, Ester feels guilty and is more than happy to help her friend.


Polvina, Ester and Tubarina arrive at a cave full of colourful gemstones. Ester wants to pick some gemstones for her collection, but Polvina suggests against it, saying that the cave isn’t safe. Polvina reluctantly joins the other girls in picking the gemstones, but when they try to pull a big purple gemstone stuck to the ceiling, the cave begins crumbling, causing Polvina to injure her leg.

The girls take Polvina back home, having already taken her to a doctor. Ester, feeling guilty for causing Polvina to be injured, decides to take care of her until she recovers. Polvina likes the attention, but Tentie warns her that she could be taking advantage of Ester. As time goes on, Tentie reveals that Polvina is better already, despite her saying that she isn’t.

A week later, Ester brings Polvina a cake as Tubarina suspects that she is better already and that she doesn’t need any more of her help. Ester doesn’t believe this until she sees Polvina apparently faking her injury, at which point she breaks her friendship with her. Tubarina reassures Polvina that she and Ester will be friends again.

Three days later, Ester still isn’t talking with Polvina; she tried to say sorry to her, but she wouldn’t listen. Tubarina moans about all this trouble “over some silly purple rocks”, at which point Polvina realises that she can get the big purple gemstone for Ester. Tubarina tells Ester about this and they head back to the cave. Ester tells Polvina that she doesn’t want the gemstone anymore, but Polvina is insistent on getting it. The cave begins collapsing again and Ester tells Polvina to drop the gemstone and get out. Polvina is happy that she and Ester are friends again, but then they discover that Tubarina is injured.

Later, Tubarina begins demanding that Polvina and Ester help her after they caused her to get hurt.


  • At 0:22, Tubarina can be heard briefly speaking in Ester's voice.