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The Argument is the nineteenth episode of the first season of Sea Princesses.


The Shark King and Starfish King have an argument, resulting in Ester and Tubarina being told they are not to see each other anymore. Poor Polvina, caught in the middle, strives to discover the truth.


At the Shark Palace, the Starfish King and Shark King are heard arguing over their ideas. The Starfish King decides to leave, taking Ester with him. The Shark King speaks with Tubarina while Polvina heads off home. The next day at school, Polvina learns that Ester and Tubarina have been barred from seeing each other. Though they have no context as to what their fathers’ argument was about Polvina suggests that they try to solve it, but this leads to Ester and Tubarina falling out as they stand by their fathers’ opinions, even though it was never their argument in the first place.

During the next couple of days, Ester and Tubarina fight over Polvina. Polvina tries to talk it out privately with the two, but neither of them are willing to find any middle ground, instead accusing her of being on the other’s side. Even at school, Marli and Marcello become embroiled in the fight over Polvina. Having had enough, Polvina decides to move out and live with her grandmother while also having Tentie send messages to Ester and Tubarina. The two find Polvina and tell her that they don’t want to go. They offer not to argue in front of her, but Polvina tells them that they don’t even know what their fathers’ argument was about, which is proved when they try to guess what it is.

The Starfish King and Shark King are summoned to the Octopus Palace, where the girls ask them what their argument was all about, which is revealed to be about the two believing that the other disagreed with the idea that the best place for a new playground is near the Jellyfish Castle when they actually agreed about it in the first place. With this, they clear up the misunderstanding and the three are allowed to be friends again. They decide to agree that the arguments of their parents will have nothing to do with them.