The Big Game
Season 1, Episode 30
Air date September 4, 2007
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The Big Game is the thirtieth episode of the first season of Sea Princesses.


Maurico, the Urchin Prince, is looking to form a team in the Flubberball Little League. Ester is the best player around but Maurico refuses to have a girl in his team. Ester plans to form her own team for the League.


Ester, Marcello and Maurico are playing a game of flubberball against Tubarina, Polvina and Hugo. After the game, Maurico compliments Marcello for the goal, even though Ester set it up, and declares that he and Hugo will be in his team for the Flubberball Little League. Polvina and Tubarina ask Maurico why he didn’t include Ester, to which he says that the Little League “is not for girls”.

Maurico, Marcello and Hugo go to see the Shark King, who is the president of the Little League, to sign their team up, only to be told that they have an opening for only one more team and that there is another team wishing to sign up, namely Ester, Polvina and Tubarina. As such, the two teams need to play off for the final spot in the League.

The two teams play off, but Ester and Maurico become very competitive, insisting on getting the goals themselves. Eventually, they accidentally hit the ball off the field and it goes down into the Abysmal Kingdom. The two of them go down to retrieve the ball, despite their seahorses (one of them being Panjo) abandoning them out of fear. They spot the ball and rush to get it, only for it to be eaten by an anglerfish. It is then that Bia arrives and meets them, causing Maurico to get scared. Slipper arrives and informs Bia that two giant squids are arguing again.

Ester, Maurico and Bia head to the scene, where the giant squids are slinging mud at each other. Bia attempts to separate them only to get mud thrown at her. Ester goes in and uses her bat to reflect the mud back at them. Seeing the squids being too fast for her, Maurico goes in and helps Ester. The squids stop fighting and Bia gets them to head off again as friends.

Bia and Slipper take Ester and Maurico back to the top, where they rejoin their friends. It is then that they learn the others have given up on looking for them and decided to sign themselves up as a team. They allow Ester and Maurico to rejoin the team as towel boy and water girl, telling them that they should act for the good of the team and not just themselves.


  • From December 2011 to March 2017, this episode was officially available from Neptuno Films' YouTube channel until it was blocked on copyright grounds. Although a backup of the episode was made available, it would not be until May 2018 that the episode would be uploaded by the Mr Bean and Friends YouTube channel.