The Biggest Fish
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date June 12, 2007
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The Biggest Fish is the sixth episode of the first season of Sea Princesses.


The princesses can't wait for their friend, Leo the whale shark, to pass by on his yearly migration, but grow very concerned when they find him ill and in desperate need of their help.


Tubarina and Gummy take Polvina and Ester to watch the yearly whale shark migration. They notice the leader, Leo, falling behind and realise that something is wrong. Tubarina learns that Leo is looking for his younger brother Jimby, but he is also sick as well.

Leo is taken back to the Shark Palace. Tubarina’s parents are absent, but she manages to find a book on the Shark Kingdom. Seeing that they need the leaves of the purplesack seaweed to make medicine for Leo, Polvina and Ester head to the other side of the Seagrass Plain to find it, only to be confronted by a barracuda. They manage to find the seaweed and take it back to the Shark Palace, but not before using it to evade and distract the barracuda so they can escape.

Meanwhile, Leo and Gummy disappear just as Tubarina is getting some lotion for Leo’s skin. Gummy finds Tubarina and leads her to an old Drylander carriage, where Jimby is revealed to be stuck. When Tubarina is unable to free him, she attempts to go and get help, only for Leo to appear. He swims around before rushing straight into the carriage, destroying it and freeing Jimby.

Returning to the Shark Palace, Tubarina gives the medicine to Leo before he and Jimby leave to catch up with the other whale sharks.