The Brave Turtle
Season 1, Episode 45
Air date October 26, 2007
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The Brave Turtle is the forty-fifth episode of the first season of Sea Princesses.


Tata has been evading the girls to attend to Tarrow, a turtle who is afraid to live in the sea. The girls manage to catch up to Tata and when they learn about Tarrow’s situation, Ester decides to give him the confidence to live in the sea, but will it be too much for him?


Polvina, Ester and Tubarina are following Tata, who ran away when they saw her. They follow her to Dryland, where they find that she has to attend to Tarrow, who lives in the dunes because he is afraid of the noisy Drylander carriages in the sea. Hearing this, the girls decide to give Tarrow some confidence. He begins to go back to the sea, but he hears a carriage and gets scared again.

Ester quickly goes back home and returns, giving Tarrow a star pendant she calls “The Eye of the Starfish”, saying that it has been in her family for generations and that it can cure any fear and protect him from anything. Tarrow wears the pendant as he goes back to the sea, no longer afraid of the carriage noises.

On the way back, Ester secretly tells the other girls that the Eye is just something she made one day and it has no special powers, except for the powers that Tarrow thinks it has. Unbeknownst to them, Tarrow saw the carriage anchor itself and went away to deal with it, scaring away the two Drylanders who were in it in the process.

The girls find Tarrow trying to destroy the carriage. They attempt to get him to come back down only for him to accidentally activate it while losing the pendant as well. The girls get onto the carriage as it speeds off towards the Drylanders on the beach. On top of that, Tarrow realises that he lost his pendant and gets scared again. Ester and Tubarina attempt to turn the carriage away, but they fail.

Tarrow asks the girls to push him onto the wheel and they do so, causing it to turn away from the Drylanders. Soon after, the carriage stops and the girls get off it, leaving the tide to take it back to the Drylanders. Tata goes off to find Tarrow a new home while the other girls go back to have lunch.


  • The Eye of the Starfish was briefly missing from Tarrow's neck at 6:40.


  • The official synopsis for this episode was a generic synopsis that described the series. As such, a synopsis was specially written for this wiki.