The Dare
Season 1, Episode 46
Air date October 26, 2007
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The Dare is the forty-sixth episode of the first season of Sea Princesses.


Ester and Marcello are challenging each other to a series of silly dares to see who will back down first. But as they each refuse to back down, the dares become more dangerous.


Ester and Marcello are teasing a shark as a dare, while Polvina and Tubarina are sitting around bored. Marcello dares Ester to “ride the blowhole” and they do, leading Polvina and Tubarina to save them after being sucked in and out multiple times.

Later, Ester decides to think up of a dare, one that Marcello would not dare to do. Despite she and Tubarina saying that they won’t help her, Polvina accidentally does so by suggesting that she break the First Law of Salacia, which is to not be seen by a Drylander. Ester goes to tell Marcello, who is daring her to do the same thing as well.

As Ester and Marcello head up to Dryland, Polvina and Tubarina decide to stay at the Bubbles Lighthouse. Ester and Marcello surface under a pier, intending to climb up so that a Drylander will see them, but neither of them do anything. Eventually, they decide to change the dare so they can leave, but right at that moment, a swimming race starts.

The two go back down into the water, but they accidentally resurface in the middle of the race. Ester tells Marcello to swim and blend in with the other Drylanders. They begin leading the race, at which point Ester points out to Marcello that they don’t want to win as there are Drylanders on the beach waiting for the winner.

Meanwhile, Polvina and Tubarina reluctantly decide to help Ester and Marcello, since they are the only ones who can do so. Tubarina gets the shark from the start of the episode to scare off the Drylanders so Ester and Marcello can get away.

Once they return to the Bubbles Lighthouse, Ester and Marcello agree to not do any more dares. Seeing as they almost put Salacia in danger with what they did, Tubarina has them give the shark a back rub every day for a month as thanks for his help.