The Excuse
Season 1, Episode 21
Air date August 7, 2007
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The Excuse is the twenty-first episode of the first season of Sea Princesses.


Ester has once more failed to deliver her homework on time and Miss Marla's tolerance is stretched to breaking point. She demands a reasonable explanation. Ester takes the easy option and decides to tell a lie!


Ester has only finished half her homework. When she tries to make up an excuse to Miss Marla, she tells her that her father is sick and she had to look after him, leading her to be given an extension. At recess, Ester tells Polvina and Tubarina that her excuse wasn’t entirely untrue as her father was sick with a cold and that she did look after him. Miss Marla comes with a plate of grapes, telling Ester that she will give it to him when she visits that night. Ester stops her, saying that her father isn’t allowed to have any visitors. Miss Marla gives the plate to Ester, telling her to give it to him in her stead.

At home, Ester tells Spikey that they can’t give the grapes to her father because he will want to thank Miss Marla. The two decide to eat them when the Starfish King comes into the room. When he asks about the grapes and sees the attached get well card, Ester tells her father that Miss Marla is ill.

The next day, Miss Marla asks Ester about her father as she arrives at school. When Miss Marla tells Ester that she intends to visit him for lunch along with some other kings and queens, Ester tells her that her father’s condition is better one minute and worse the next. This leads Miss Marla to send Ester home so she can care for her father. When Ester gets home and her father asks her why she is home early, she tells him that Miss Marla is still sick.

After school, Polvina and Tubarina meet Ester to discuss the situation. The Starfish Queen comes in to tell Ester that she is heading out to the school committee meeting. Hearing this, Ester stops her and feigns sickness to get her not to go. When she later discovers that her father went instead, Ester heads out to stop him, with Polvina and Tubarina following despite their pleas for her to stop. Ester suddenly feels strange. Polvina and Tubarina think that it is an act until the former realises that it isn’t and goes to get help.

Later, Polvina, Tubarina, Ester’s parents and Miss Marla visit Ester at the hospital following her appendix operation. It is then that Ester realises that her parents and Miss Marla know all about what happened. The next week at school, Ester is apparently punished with cleaning up the school for her excuses.