The Gift
Season 1, Episode 35
Air date September 24, 2007
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The Gift is the thirty-fifth episode of the first season of Sea Princesses.


Marcello is looking for an easy way to do a school project. His scheme is to join the right project group where he knows he'll get away with doing as little work as possible. He decides that Soraia's group is perfect!


The class gets into groups for a project on stingrays. Marcello is invited to join Ester , Polvina and Tubarina’s group, but he is thinking of joining Soraia’s group since she is the Stingray Princess. Tubarina, knowing that Marcello only wants to be in a group where everyone else will do the work, suggests to him that he should give Soraia a gift when he asks her, noting that if Soraia notices that he is trying to buy her help, she won’t let him join her group. However, when they see Soraia coming to the Shark Palace to work with Marcello on their project, they realise that he gave her a gift, a small stingray, which was so nice that Soraia managed to get fooled. Later, they learn that Marcello gave gifts of their representative species to Juli, Jessi and Vivi as well; in return, Juli and Jessi give him their notes, while Vivi makes lunches for him.

The girls decide to find out where Marcello is getting his gifts from. They follow him to the art room, where they see him getting Hugo to work on making gifts for the whole class. The next day, they stop Hugo on his way to the art room and tell him to stop making the gifts, saying that Marcello is using him so he can use everyone else. However, Hugo doesn’t falter, saying that he likes making gifts and making people happy. The girls then ask Juli, Jessi, Vivi and Soraia to stop helping Marcello, but they are unwilling to do so because they are awaiting more gifts from him.

After having no success, Polvina gets an idea to have Ester make imitations of the gifts that don’t look “nearly as good as Hugo’s”. Later that night, they sneak the imitation gifts into Juli, Jessi, Vivi and Soraia’s hands, giving them a fright as they wake up the next morning. The four girls go to confront Marcello the next morning and when Hugo comes around with his case, he finds the actual gifts in there. Hugo tells the girls that he made the gifts, leading them to reject Marcello and go off with Hugo as he shows them how he makes the gifts. Straight after this, Polvina, Ester and Tubarina confront Marcello, taking credit for ruining his plan. Now, Marcello has to join their group for the project and do his share of the work.


  • During the girls' confrontation with Marcello from 9:10 onwards, Jessi is shown with paler skin than usual.