The Missing Princess
Season 1, Episode 49
Air date November 10, 2007
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The Missing Princess is the forty-ninth episode of the first season of Sea Princesses.


Lia hasn't been to school for a couple of days. The girls visit the Lionfish Palace and discover that she's missing. They look for clues to where she could be and seek the help of the Mimic Octopus.


Polvina arrives early at school looking for Lia; they were supposed to meet the day before, but she never turned up. After school, Polvina, Ester and Tubarina head to the Lionfish Palace, where they find the Shark King coordinating the search for the missing Lia. The Shark King tells them to go home as there is nothing they can do, but the girls decide to search Lia’s room. Inside, they find some of her clothes missing along with a bag. On the table are notes on a speech that Lia was about to give to the lionfish elders.

After leaving the palace, the girls attempt to talk to a couple of lionfish, but they are responded to rudely, which comes as strange because the news of anyone going missing would make anyone upset. Polvina decides to get the mimic octopus to disguise himself as a lionfish and follow them to where they are going. The mimic octopus returns and tells the girls that the lionfish are sneaking food into a cave, where Lia probably is.

Indeed, the girls find Lia hiding in the cave, not wanting anyone to know where she is. Lia tells the girls that she cannot give her speech to the lionfish elders because she is afraid that she may say something embarassing or forget something. Lia has the girls promise not to tell anyone where she is before they leave.

Ester decides to force Lia into making her speech by taking away the food that two lionfish were going to give to her in the hope that they will summon the lionfish elders. However, they summon their friends instead and corner the girls into a cave. The mimic octopus manages to escape and take Lia to where the girls are. Lia calls off the lionfish and asks the girls why they took the food. When Ester tells her about her plan, Lia is insistent that she will not make the speech to the elders, but the girls tell her that the speech she just made to the lionfish was fantastic.

Despite the promise they made, the girls decide to tell everyone where Lia is because everyone is worried about her. Lia finally decides to make her speech to the elders. Following this, Lia tells the girls that because she worried everyone so much by running away, she has to give talks to young lionfish about always telling their parents where they are going and not making them worry. After Lia leaves, the lionfish decide to scare the girls away again as a joke.