The Mural
Season 2, Episode 16
Air date July 20, 2009
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The Mural is the sixteenth episode of the second season of Sea Princesses.


Ester is proud of her idea to improve the school. She's going to paint a beautiful mural on the gym wall. When she goes to tell Miss Marla, Elektra the Electric Eel Princess is already there, suggesting the exact same thing!


Ester struggles to get an idea to improve the school. Once she gets one, she tells it to Miss Marla the next day; a big school mural. Unbeknownst to her, Elektra has also thought of the idea and told Miss Marla about it already. Later, in front of Polvina and Tubarina, Ester and Elektra learn that they plan to paint their murals in the gym room. Because of this, Ester decides to use another wall in the library for her mural. She has a group of starfish guard the door so that Elektra doesn’t get in.

Ester purposely goes to the gym room, intending to see what Elekra is doing for her mural, but she discovers that she got a group of electric eels to guard the door, just like her. After getting their paint to their walls at the same time, Ester sneaks into the gym room and after discovering that Elektra is indeed copying her mural idea, puts something in her paint to make it harden. The next day, however, Ester discovers that Elektra did the same to her paint as well. They go to Miss Marla, who tells them that she will talk to the school council, who will make a decision on the debacle.

While discussing with Polvina and Tubarina who the school council will likely side with, Ester discovers that her mural idea wasn’t original as a painting in her home resembles her idea. The next day, Ester tells this to Miss Marla and Elektra, who also acknowledges that she must have seen the painting sometime as well. Miss Marla tells them that the school council rejected their mural ideas and that they want them to come up with a new idea to improve the school. After having heard the idea from Polvina and Tubarina earlier, Ester and Elektra suggest to the school council that they put in a new slide for the playground, acknowledging to them that they thought of the idea first.


  • Electra's voice and personality is different compared to her previous appearances in The Return, Shooting Star and The Makeover.
    • In those respects, her character in this episode is similar to that of Marli, an arrogant girl who was written to be a rival to Ester.