The Picture
Season 1, Episode 16
Air date July 17, 2007
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The Picture is the sixteenth episode of the first season of Sea Princesses.


Tubarina finds herself in hot water when a cryptic picture she drew of Miss Marla gets caught up with an assignment she submits. She must retrieve it before Miss Marla finds it!


Tubarina takes Polvina and Ester through a shortcut on their way to school. A fish stops them as she ushers her children past. Tubarina gets impatient and rushes through.

At school, Tubarina is unable to squeeze the paint out of the tube. She gets a new tube and accidentally splatters it all over the classroom and Miss Marla. As a result, she is punished with having to clean the classroom up. Polvina and Ester help her out of friendship when they discover a picture that Tubarina drew of Miss Marla.

Later, Tubarina shows the picture to everyone in class. When Miss Marla asks her to show her what it is, she manages to avoid trouble by showing her assignment, which is also due. After school, Tubarina checks her bag and discovers that the picture is not there; she must have accidentally submitted it with her assignment. Tubarina attempts to sneak back in to get it, but Miss Marla is taking the assignments home so she can mark them.

The girls follow Miss Marla back to her house. Tubarina initially has Gummy and his friends scare her, but Miss Marla manages to feed them. Next, she has Polvina and Ester distract her while she heads around to the back. She almost manages to get it, but she is spotted. Miss Marla believes that Tubarina wants some more time to work on her assignment and gives it back to her with two more days to do it. On the way back, however, the picture falls out and Miss Marla sees it. However, she somehow mistakes it for being a picture of Marli and Tubarina promises her that she will never do it again.

Back at the Shark Palace, Tubarina comments on how she “learnt” lots of lessons, despite coming out of “one of the closest escapes ever”. She also comments that she was so lucky to have gotten through it the way she did.


  • It is likely that Miss Marla mistook the person in the picture to be Marli on purpose so she wouldn't have to punish Tubarina outside of school time.