The Race
Season 1, Episode 22
Air date August 7, 2007
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The Race is the twenty-second episode of the first season of Sea Princesses.


As part of a class in map reading, the princesses and princes are given an exercise in orienteering where they must find their way around a course on the ocean floor.


Miss Marla gives her students a lesson in map reading, with Marcello being confident in his skills. Miss Marla tells her students that there will be a test next week in the form of a fun orienteering course. Tubarina thinks that it is a race, to which Polvina and Miss Marla say that it isn’t.

The next day, Polvina and Ester come to see Tubarina, but Marcello tells them that she went out early. The three go to find them and discover that Tubarina is training for the race with Gummy. Not wanting to let Tubarina win, Ester and Marcello decide to train for the race as well, despite Polvina telling them that it isn’t.

At the race, or rather, the test, the students are getting ready at the starting line. Just as Miss Marla starts the race, Tubarina rushes off a second before Ester, Marcello and the others. At the first turn, Tubarina sees Ester and Marcello coming and picks a route, which the other two then follow, believing it to be a shortcut despite Polvina telling them that they are going the wrong way. Deciding to leave them to their own devices, Polvina decides to continue on the right path with Leia and Marli, leading to them becoming the first to finish. Meanwhile, Tubarina, Ester and Marcello find themselves in front of dead ends as they continue finding the path, eventually becoming lost in the process.

As Hugo and Sirilo cross the finish line, Miss Marla notices that Ester, Tubarina and Marcello are still not back yet. Polvina heads off and finds them, bringing them back to the finish. Upon returning, the news of Polvina coming first surprises the three, who are also informed that if it were a race, they would have been last. While returning to school, Ester, Tubarina and Marcello admit that they tried too hard to be winners before Polvina decides to race them back to school.