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The Rescue is the twenty-third episode of the first season of Sea Princesses.


The Drylanders are creating turmoil throughout Salacia as they search for a missing child. Ester, Polvina and Tubarina decide to join the search in order to restore peace and safety to their world.


Drylanders are flying their helicopters and sailing their carriages above Salacia. Wondering what is going on, Polvina, Ester and Tubarina head to the Shark Palace to inform someone. A shark comes, asking to play with them, but they tell him that they can’t play because they have an emergency. The girls arrive at the Shark Palace, where there are carriages parked at the front. They head inside and listen to the Shark King addressing the other kings and queens; apparently, a large Drylander floating carriage has been wrecked. Many Drylanders have been rescued, but some are still missing. While the kings and queens work out a plan to rescue the missing Drylanders, the girls head out and do so.

The girls head off to where they were earlier so they can search around. The shark follows them again and Tubarina tells him to go home. When they surface, they find an octopus signalling. Polvina goes to talk to him and he takes them to a cave where he found a “Drylander thing” inside. The girls head in and find a small floating carriage with a baby inside. They believe that his parents may have put him there to save him, but he drifted away before anyone could stop him. Polvina tells the others that they are showing themselves to a Drylander, but they tell her that he probably won’t remember them as he is only a baby.

The girls decide to take the baby up to Dryland so that his parents can find him there. They first push him out of the cave and hide behind some rocks near a beach as the shark follows them again. The girls initially ignore him as they continue on, but when he shows up again, Polvina gets the idea to use him as a distraction and Tubarina tells him to make them notice him. While the shark swims near the beach, scaring away the Drylanders, the girls push the baby up onto the sand, then return to Salacia before they are found.

Returning to the Shark Palace, the girls learn from the Shark King that they had made a plan to rescue the child as well, but the Drylanders stopped their search just as their plan was done. Ester nearly lets slip what they did by describing how cute the baby was, but Polvina and Tubarina are able to silence her before she can speak any more.