The Royal Ball
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date June 12, 2007
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The Royal Ball is the fifth episode of the first season of Sea Princesses.


The princesses are all very disappointed because the night of the Royal Ball has finally come and they are forbidden to attend. But curiosity gets the better of them and they decide to sneak into the ball!


At the Shark Palace, Tubarina believes that she is playing ball with Gummy when she runs into her cousin, Marcello, the Hammerhead Shark Prince, who is staying with her family while his parents are touring the Farlands with their fellow hammerheads. Tubarina learns this from her parents, who haven’t had the chance to tell her because they are busy planning the Royal Ball.

She almost becomes horrified at the prospect of Marcello staying for years, but is somewhat relieved when her father tells her that he will be staying for months at the most. When Tubarina comes out of her parents’ study, Marcello tells her that he intends on going to the Royal Ball, despite the fact that children are not allowed. Tubarina meets with Ester and Polvina soon after to tell them about their plans for the night. They decide to sneak into the ball and beat Marcello to the idea.

Later, the girls look outside the window as Tubarina’s parents are greeting the other kings and queens to the Royal Ball. Marcello learns that the girls are plotting to sneak into the ball and vice versa. Polvina and Ester suggest that they work together, but Tubarina and Marcello reject the idea. It is then that Pointer enters, having been tasked by the Shark King to act as babysitter for the four. Tubarina tries to convince them that they are old enough to look after themselves, but to no avail. Polvina manages to get everyone to work together so they can get past Pointer. They initially use Gummy as a distraction, but it fails. They then get the idea to pretend to go to sleep so that Pointer will go to sleep as well, which succeeds after a second attempt (though with Gummy falling asleep as a side effect).

The four sneak downstairs to the ball, but they notice that it is boring and no one is having any fun. The Royal Ball starts, leading Pointer to wake up and notice that the four have gone. Pointer spots them, but Tubarina turns off the lights before she and the others sneak back upstairs. The lights come back on and Pointer’s head pops out of a statue just as the Shark King is asking for an explanation, leading the other kings and queens to begin laughing and enjoying themselves.