The Sick Dolphin
Season 2, Episode 9
Air date June 29, 2009
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The Sick Dolphin is the ninth episode of the second season of Sea Princesses.


Ester spots a dolphin with some Drylanders and decides to rescue it.


Ester brings Polvina and Tubarina to where she found a dolphin apparently captured by Drylanders, saying that they need to rescue it. They notice that the dolphin is sick; Ester believes that it was because of the Drylanders, but Polvina and Tubarina don’t believe so. Delfi comes and is horrified when she learns that they rescued the dolphin, Misty, from the Drylanders as they were scientists helping and doing research on dolphins; they weren’t trying to take her away, they were trying to make her better. Delfi tells the girls that Misty has some problem with her stomach that makes her unable to digest her food, but she can’t give her anything to help until she knows what the Drylanders are giving her.

The girls attempt to take Misty back to the Drylanders, but they have already gone. Delfi decides to wait with Misty, but Ester decides to find the Drylanders themselves in a few places, including the place where Ping and Patchy were previously captured to. After having no luck in finding the Drylanders, the girls stop and surmise why the Drylanders left. They deduce that they were going to look for her, which means that they have to go back to where Delfi and Misty are and wait.

Ester gets bored with waiting and asks Delfi what she would give Misty; she replies that she would give her some brown algae to settle her stomach. Ester, with Polvina and Tubarina in tow, quickly sets off in search of it, having seen some herself yesterday. They find themselves being chased by a shark, but when they are basically cornered, Tubarina distracts him while Polvina and Ester get the brown algae.

The girls return to Delfi and Misty just as the Drylanders arrive. Delfi has Misty go back to them before she sets off to check something. Delfi and the girls sneak onto the carriage while she checks what the Drylanders are giving Misty. Once she sees that it is the right thing for her, they quickly go back into the water. Delfi decides to stay around and keep an eye on Misty while the girls go home.

On the way, Ester tells Polvina and Tubarina that she will start thinking before she does anything, but they predict that she will end up going back to rushing around again.


  • As is the case with all the Drylanders featured in the series, the scientists' dialogue is mostly comprised of gibberish, however there is a unique component in that they say some words that sound like a mix of Russian and Portuguese.