The Toy
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date June 19, 2007
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The Toy is the eighth episode of the first season of Sea Princesses.


Polvina and her pet, Tentie, find a beautiful box containing an octopus doll and a note scribbled in runes. Will they be able to find someone who might shed some light on it?


Polvina and Tentie are playing in the Octopus Palace when they bump into a shelf, causing a small box to fall from it. Polvina opens it and finds a tiny octopus doll along with a card written in a mysterious language. She takes them to her father, who tells her that the card is written in the ancient language of the Abysmal Kingdom and that she has a mystery to solve when her mother comes home.

Ester and Tubarina see the card and decide to head down to the Abysmal Kingdom, not wishing to wait until Polvina’s mother returns. They try to find the Abysmal Palace, but they don’t even know where it is. They decide to call for help and they are immediately met by a shadowed figure with a loud, bossy voice. After the girls tell her that they are lost, the figure introduces herself as the Abysmal Princess, Bia, and takes them to the Abysmal Palace. They learn that Bia doesn’t go to school like the others because the light is too bright for her. They also learn that because the Abysmal Kingdom is so big, Bia’s parents are away quite a lot, so she is put in charge during their absence.

Bia is shown the card and is able to translate it to them: “To my little friend, may you get well soon. Keep this small gift safe until you are better.” The girls now know that the toy is a gift from someone in the Abysmal Kingdom, but they don’t know who because the card isn’t signed. With the girls wishing to return, Bia summons Slipper and takes them back to the top. The girls suggest to Bia that she can stay with them at nights, much to her excitement.

Returning home, the girls learn from Polvina’s parents that the toy is a gift from the Abysmal King, who visited her when she was just a toddler. However, since she was ill at the time, he put the gift away in a safe place, but he forgot to tell her where. The Octopus King remembers that he is intending on visiting the Abysmal Palace soon, telling the girls that they can come as well, to which they accept, knowing that the Abysmal Kingdom is not as scary as they initially thought and that they have a new friend in the Abysmal Princess, Bia.