The Trick
Season 1, Episode 29
Air date September 4, 2007
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The Trick is the twenty-ninth episode of the first season of Sea Princesses.


There's no better prankster at school than Vivi. No one has ever been able to out trick her. Until now that is, because Ester and Tubarina are determined to be the first.


Under Ester’s suggestion, she, Polvina and Tubarina attempt to walk backwards to school. On the way, they see a bracelet and attempt to pick it up, only to reveal that it is attached to a rock. Vivi then appears and takes the bracelet, telling the girls that they easily fell for her “bracelet in the sand” trick.

At school, Ester and Tubarina decide to trick Vivi and outsmart her, despite Polvina’s insistence that it is impossible. Their first trick is to fool Vivi into believing that there is a new princess in class named Asa, the Flounder Princess, who is invisible given how flounders are very good at camouflage. While this fools Hugo, it does not fool Vivi, who calls it a “lame trick”. Their second trick is to use one of Vivi’s own tricks against her, namely by pretending that they have a large bag of books, but she is instantly able to see through it. Their third trick is to trick Vivi into believing that they will play “the ultimate trick” on her. The girls then follow her in an effort to watch her get paranoid, but Vivi sees through their trick again.

Ester and Tubarina decide to actually think of “the ultimate trick”. Polvina decides to help them, but not before having them promise that it will be the last trick they play. They decide to give Vivi a fright by luring her to the Crystal Cavern with the pretence that one of them is lost, at which point they will have a “monster”, which is really Tentie, scare her.

The girls tie ropes around them before they head into the cavern, but Ester and Tubarina soon notice that Polvina has gone lost and her rope broken. Vivi arrives and decides to help them find Polvina. They go into the cave and Polvina begins running around, calling to them, fooling the others using the reflections on the cave’s walls. Ester tries to get help, but she, Tubarina and Vivi notice that their ropes are broken as well.

Ester, Tubarina and Vivi continue searching for Polvina. Getting lost as well, the girls decide that they have had enough of tricks, at which point Polvina shows up. Polvina reveals to the others that she left a trail of pebbles from the entrance and that they can just follow it out.

After exiting the Crystal Cavern, the girls agree to play no more tricks on each other. After Vivi heads home, Ester and Tubarina notice that the ropes weren’t broken, but cut. Polvina alludes to the others that she was the one who planned “the ultimate trick to end all tricks”.