Tubarina Almighty
Season 1, Episode 26
Air date August 21, 2007
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Tubarina Almighty is the twenty-sixth episode of the first season of Sea Princesses.


Tubarina's parents have to go away for a week and this means Tubarina is the senior royal left at home. Ester and Polvina are shocked when Tubarina's personality undergoes a major change.


Tubarina, Ester and Polvina see off the Shark King, Shark Queen and Marcello as they leave the Shark Palace for a week. The Shark King declares Tubarina the ruler of the Shark Kingdom until their return. Polvina and Ester are excited as it means that they can play together, but Tubarina is insistent on being a responsible ruler like her father. The two attempt to convince Tubarina to find the key to a locked room at the top of the palace, but she insists that a responsible ruler would not break in as her father had the room locked for a reason.

The next day, Tubarina shows up at school late with two shark sentries, despite Polvina and Ester’s belief that she will get bored of being serious. As school ends, the sharks scare out the other students as they escort Tubarina home. Polvina and Ester offer her some company, but Tubarina tells them that they will have to make an appointment.

Ester gets the idea to find the key to the room in the hope that Tubarina will return to her old self. She and Polvina sneak into the study room of the Shark Palace and find the key hidden in a picture of the Shark King. They attempt to unlock the door, but they are caught in a net. When Tubarina comes up to confront Polvina and Ester, they convince her to take one quick look in the room. Tubarina calls off her sentries and unlocks the door.

Inside the room, they find a playroom with a lot of old things inside and a picture of the Shark King from when he was young. Polvina and Ester convince Tubarina that if she wants to be like her father, who had fun when he was young but still grew up to become a good king, then she should have fun too. Tubarina wonders why her father kept this room a secret; Polvina and Ester believe that it is to remind himself that he was once a child and that he shouldn’t get too serious. With this, Tubarina finally opens up to playing with her friends again.


  • At 5:19, when Tubarina's sentries are scaring the students out of the school, duplicates of Jessi and Leia can be seen.