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The Turtle King is the king of the Turtle Kingdom and the father of Tata and Hugo. He appears as a background character in some episodes of the series, usually alongside his wife, the Turtle Queen.

Character history

He is first seen in an unvoiced shot in The Royal Ball, where he and his wife are seen sitting next to and looking away from each other.

During his focus appearance in The Missing Crown, the Turtle King was riding on Pudge to donate the Turtle Royal Crown for display at the Salacian Museum when Polvina and Ester, who were rushing to school on Panjo, nearly knocked him over and caused Pudge to lose the crown. He later visited the school to complain to Miss Marla; when Polvina and Ester admitted that they were the ones who nearly bumped into him, the Turtle King requests that they be excused from school so they can retrieve the crown, which they do.

The Turtle King is later mentioned at the end of One Too Many when he notifies the Starfish Queen about Shellby's recovery.

In A Shadow in the Water, the Turtle King alerts his wife to the sky turning black and animals covered in black goop appearing in all the kingdoms. He also alerts Miss Marla to this and tells her to cancel the excursion to Sea Park.