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The Turtle Queen is the queen of the Turtle Kingdom and the mother of Tata and Hugo. Though she usually appears as a background character in some episodes of the animated series alongside her husband, the Turtle King, she has some prominence in the books, where she is also shown to be a doctor.

Character history

The Turtle Queen is first seen in an unvoiced shot in The Royal Ball, where she and her husband are seen sitting next to and looking away from each other.

In A Shadow in the Water, the Turtle Queen calls the Octopus and Starfish Kings to the Turtle Palace for an urgent meeting when Mrs Judith shows up covered in black goop. As the doctors and nurses worked to remove the goop from her, the Turtle Queen tries to stop a distressed Tata from seeing this. Later on, when Mrs. Judith regains consciousness, she tells the Turtle Queen what happened, at which point the Turtle King comes in and informs her of the current situation.

In The Windy Letters, the Turtle King and Queen, on Miss Marla's recommendation, suggest to Tata that she spend the weekend at the Octopus Palace with Polvina, Ester and Tubarina. Later on, when an injured Tubarina is brought to the Turtle Palace following a misunderstanding with Mrs Constanza, the Turtle Queen takes care of her and tells her friends that she would be fine.

When Olivia's friends are brought to the Turtle Palace after choking on plastic bags in Turtles in Danger, the Turtle Queen later tells the girls that the turtles would be fine.